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Marine care  Currumbin creek processes

Currumbin creek processes


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Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.55.44 am.pngHydrodynamics of Currumbin Creek

This paper investigates the behaviour of the entrance and adjacent beaches from aerial photographs and numerical modelling. Before groyne construction, sand by-passing was intense resulting in channel migration and sometimes the closure of the mouth. After training works, the longshore drift is diverted further north from the mouth leading to new circulation patterns behind the headland. During fair weather conditions, the sand transported by the longshore current is trapped by Currumbin rock groyne resulting in a negative sediment budget in Palm Beach. For high energy conditions, the diverted longshore current splits in the southern Palm Beach, resulting in a circulation cell. The sediment of the southern beaches is stirred up and transported both northward and toward the inlet.  (DISCUSSES COMLEXITY AND SHOWS EXAMPLES)